PowerPoint Designs

 Stand Out From The Crowd, Make An Impression That Will Last 

create fully customized, animated, and UNIQUE PowerPoints to accommodate your next sales pitch, investor meeting, corporate event, or educational presentation. Deliver your message in style.

My PowerPoint Presentation services will set you apart from the crowd when it means the most to you and your business!

  • Speak Out: I get familiar with your presentation’s objectives, audience, location, and method.  I take the extra time to review the most important elements of your content so that the PowerPoint Design resonates with your message!

  • Tell A Story: Stories resonate with people, not facts.  I want to know the story as you would tell it, and from there I will craft a compelling PowerPoint presentation that will capture your audience.

  • Custom Graphics: Boost each slide’s impact using animated visuals.  I will incorporate custom graphics and animations that match your goals, audience, and presentation style.

  • Results Driven:  I know results are the most important measure for your presentation.  Through the use of imagery, custom graphics, and animations, I will help you communicate your key points in a more effective and memorable way.

From simple to stunning, I am here to help you create that just right PowerPoint presentation.  I spend a significant amount of time up-front getting to know you, your presentation style, and desired level of graphics.  After I know your style, I will draft out a custom PowerPoint and allow for several rounds of revisions to get everything perfect!

PowerPoint Design fees start at $50/hour.  Learn more about Sunrise Design Studios or contact me to discuss your upcoming presentation needs!